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BizMan® totally integrated accounting software

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BizMan stands for Business Management. It is our flagship product that has the functionality of about 16 programs in one. All the accounting functions (Account Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Payroll) as well as Contact Manager, Document Management, Statistics, Graphs and Marketing Analysis, Work Planning, Job Costing in a single, fully integrated, whole-of-business application.

If you are here it is most likely because your business has an operational requirement that your accounting package does not handle. As a result you probably track data in one or more spreadsheets.

If you’re like most of our clients you have used other accounting packages and found them lacking. They either don’t do what you need them to do or they are so big and complex they are overwhelming.

What you need is something that does everything you want it to do and no more.

Ther perfect solution would be if somebody took a brain dump from you of what you wanted then delivered exactly that.

A custom built accounting package would deliver that result but would cost you several hundred thousand dollars. I know because I have just paid that to have BizMan built. I paid it so you don’t have to. Read on and you will understand why.

BizMan is our best answer to the question, “How can we deliver to you, the client, a custom application at as close as possible to an off-the-shelf price?”

Our Solution

How do we deliver a cutting edge solution to your requirements?

To have half a chance of satisfying your needs within cooee of your budget we need a product that already does most of what you need done with minimal work on our part to create the rest. In other words we have to have 90% or better of what you want already built.

This foundation for a totally integrated accounting software solution needs to do all the basic functions and be able to accommodate additional unusual requirements without requiring reengineering. In other words we need to have a very well-engineered back end to a comprehensive, extensible and configurable application.

1. Database

Use the world’s fastest database, Caché®, on the back end.

2. Front End

Use a front end that will run on damn near anything that has a chip in it, Java®.

3. Build in Custom Configurability from the Ground Up

Build a framework to allow you or us to hide what you don’t need. Design the menu and permissions to make the menu structure user configurable so you can:

Make it really easy to deliver totally integrated accounting software that looks like it was custom built to your specific requirements by building an engine that can:

Provide multi-language support so each user can see the application text in their native language.

As you can see from a look at the configuration module you can tailor BizMan. You could say it gives us the ability to satisfy your needs with a tailored solution mostly via configuration, with minimal custom development.

Check out the existing functionality evident from the screen shots by clicking on the options in the BizMan Modules menu.

4. Data Import and Export

Our data import will allow import of data into multiple tables from one file.

Data export is quick and painless too.

5. Reporting

Deliver a reporting structure so you can create reports and define your own menu structure for them.

BizMan delivers to you insights about your business that will have you raving about business performance metrics in no time at all. Most people with a marketing background look at just one of the reports BizMand can produce and exclaim, “Most marketing managers would give their eye teeth to be able to get that data!”

6. Extensibility

If what you need your business software to do is not already handled in BizMan we have created BizMan to be easily extended to accommodate your custom requirements. This enables us to deliver on the promise of a totally integrated accounting software package that does for you what you need it to do.

If you would like further information or an on-line demonstration of BizMan please contact me on +61 (0)2 9552 3311.